August 2011

Back in studio!

3 brand new songs have been recorded in Le Caveau Studio, 25 minutes of new materials to appear on a split LP with Annthennath somewhere in 2012!

February 2011

New album out!

The second full-length "Le bourreau de Tiffauges" is out now on on CD on Armée de la Mort Records.

September 2010

In studio

Quintessence is currently recording its new album at Le Caveau Studio. Expect it to be out in February 2011!

May 2010

Pictavian Onslaught!

The live split recorded in Toulouse (France) in May 2009 with Valuatir, "Pictavian Onslaught", is now available on Satanic Records (Mexico), limited to 666 tapes.

April 2010

CD reissue out now!

The reissue of the first full-length "Le fléau de ton existence" is now available with five live bonus tracks on Hidden Marly Production (Japan).

December 2009


"Le fléau de ton existence" is going to be reissued on CD with 5 live bonus tracks. Release in April on Hidden Marly Production (Japan).