February 2011 : "Le bourreau de Tiffauges" is released on CD on Armée de la Mort Records.

September 2010 : Recording of the second album "Le bourreau de Tiffauges" at Le Caveau Studio.
The band parts from Démence and Antoine. From now on, Fog handles the vocals and bass.

May 2010 : The live split with Valuatir - "Pictavian Onslaught" - is released on Satanic Records (Mexico).

April 2010 : Reissue of "Le fléau de ton existence" on Hidden Marly Productions (Japan).

April 2009 : "Le fléau de ton existence" is released on Nija Art (Poland).

September 2008 : Fog joins the band as a permanent drummer.

August 2008 : Recording of the first album "Le fléau de ton existence" at the Echoes Studio.

December 2007 : Arrival of V.R. as a session drummer. Occulta becomes Quintessence.

July - August 2007 : Recording and release of the demo "Black Hordes Unleashed".

May 2007 : First gigs. Ludo quits the band.

April 2006 : First rehearsals with a complete line-up consisting of Xavier, Démence, Kriss, Antoine and Ludo.

October 2005 : Creation of Quintessence (under the name Occulta).